Why mental health and wellbeing is a priority for your business.

Last year the Government published ‘Thriving at Work’ and found that 15% of employees  have a mental health condition, this figure doesn’t include those suffering from stress or those vulnerable to mental illness. 

MIND reports that 1 in 5 people call in sick because of work stress and the ONS estimate sick days due to mental health are increasing by 25% each year. Mental and physical health are significant costs to businesses. It is estimated that the UK GDP would have been £25 billion higher in 2015 if it was not for the economic consequences of mental health (Mental Health Foundation). 

Thinking about your business…
How many employees do you have? How many is 15%? 
How many employees have chosen to share their mental health with you? What gender are they? 
What does your business currently provide or do to help boost and protect employee wellbeing? 

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