Time to Talk Day 7th February

Tomorrow is Time to Talk Day, the annual charity day established by MIND Time to Change. You can see more about the day here. If you’ve not got anything planned don’t worry there’s still lots you can do to be there for your family, friends and colleagues. The aim of the day is to break … Continue reading Time to Talk Day 7th February

What’s your greatest virtue?

Where do you flourish? In my recent blog I discussed the psychological importance of playing to our strengths. There’s been some movement in leading companies to make appraisals strengths based, rather than weakness based. Hodges and Clifton’s (2004) state what’s the point in having everyone working at an average level when you could have a … Continue reading What’s your greatest virtue?

Harness the power of your Locus of Control

What is Locus of Control? Julian Rotter (1954) devised the Locus of control (LOC) personality trait which explains what we believe is responsible for the actions and outcomes in our lives. It is measured on a scale, a low score usually indicating an internal LOC and high score an external LOC. A person with an … Continue reading Harness the power of your Locus of Control

Why wellbeing matters

What does wellbeing mean to you? How do you assess and support employee wellbeing? What is wellbeing? Knowing what wellbeing is helps us to: Recognise when employee wellbeing is high or low Remedy: by carrying out actions which will improve employee wellbeing Prevent: plan future actions to sustain employee wellbeing Wellbeing is a very subjective … Continue reading Why wellbeing matters

Why play to your strengths?

I recently read that the more attractive and ornate the bird, the worse it’s singing voice is. The article was discussing how sometimes when we evolve it isn’t always to our full advantage. The peacock example led me to think about how animals naturally play to their strengths and how we should be utilising this … Continue reading Why play to your strengths?

New year goals: Start with why!

Happy new year! Many people will be reflecting on 2018 and setting goals for 2019. Whether you’re a business owner, director, team leader or employee this blog is here to help you on your way. Simon Sinek’s first TED talk has been viewed by millions of people and he’s since gone on to inspire organisations … Continue reading New year goals: Start with why!